/Deep casting resin
Deep casting resin
May 28, 2021

Production requirements of the river table

1, Prepare the wood to be customized into a wooden table shape, and put demold paper inside (similar to sunscreen window paper)

2, Treat the wood to be done without moisture, remove the small impurities in the wood, and sand it with an air mill.

3, Put the wood into the mold.

4, Prepare the glue, 318AB-9T-2 is 2:1, one time pour thickness is 3-5cm, after AB glue mixed, put it into the vacuum machine to suck bubbles. Normally customers make around 15kg one time, but depend on the mold used.

5, Pour the vacuumed glue into the mold. After the glue surface is dry, pour the second glue until the entire mold is filled.

6, After the entire mold is filled with glue, remove the outer mold, smooth the surroundings with a sander, then sand it with an air mill, spray gold oil (if necessary), and polish it again.



1, After the AB glue bucket is opened, it should be covered well. It cannot contact air, especially B glue, which is easy to absorb moisture.

2, The more epoxy glue deployed, the greater the heat and the more bubbles

3, The river table needs to be made in a dust-free workshop. In summer, there should be air conditioning, temperature should be controlled at about 18-22 degrees and the humidity should be controlled at about 70%.

4, One cubic meter uses about 1.103 tons of glue =1103kg

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