/What is UV Resin
What is UV Resin
October 25, 2021

UV Resin is a transparent gel that cures in ultraviolet (UV) light or direct sunlight. Unlike other resins, such as e.g. Epoxy resin, you have full control over when and how fast it gets hard. You can take the time to make, glaze, seal and protect your creations

And how to use UV resin ?

The bottles have a handy spray nozzle, with which you can apply the resin accurately. You can of course also put the resin in a mixing bowl if you want to mix it with one of our pigments or glitter. As soon as you shine on it with a UV lamp it gets rock hard within a few minutes. For best results, use a UV nail lamp or a strong UV torch. The resin hardens quickly and without sticky remains on the surface. How fast it gets hard depends on the strength of your UV lamp, but also on whether or not you have added color to the resin.

UV lamp: 1-2 minutes, the stronger the UV Light, the shorter the time

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